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July 29, 2010

Hello everyone! It has been quite awhile since I have pressed anything and will be making this a quick one! Since coming back to the states in May a lot has happened! I did not raise enough funds to finish my internship and maybe God had different plans for me here. I have enrolled back into school to be a full time student and work on a Business degree for now.

Next Friday, August 6, I am going back to Haiti for 11 days! I am very excited because I will be in the country I love so much! I can’t wait to see all my brothers and sisters and worship Christ the Haitian way! I am asking for prayer during my travels! Remember you can still support me financially as well. Although I am not an intern at NWHCM and may not be again, I do plan on going back to Haiti and the mission as often as possible. I will be going back once a year for sure but would love to make multiple trips. So any support and help is always welcome. You can always contact me at Thanks in advance for the prayers!




May 11, 2010

Ok I am home and you are all waiting to hear from me!!! Well the fundraising has been slow partly because I have been a little lazy! But boy have I loved it! Now it is crunch time! If I want to go back to Haiti as a missionary on the 31st of May like my airline ticket says than I need to really work my tail off!

I really need your help more than ever. I am raising $1000 a month, which is very do able! It seems so hard because I do not like asking for money from people. But Haiti is where my heart is and in order for me to do what I feel is my calling I need to ask you for your prayer and money! I need you to ask your friends and so on and so forth! I need 100 people at $10 a month! That is not like pulling teeth! So if you can help me for $10 a month shoot me an email and I will give you the details! Thanks!!!

In Port au Prince

April 30, 2010

I wish I could post the 70 or so pictures I took today, it was truly humbling! We landed in Port au Prince early this morning and started our day by dropping off Grant at the big airport. We came to our hotel and took a quick 1 hour nap while Jaques ran some where, so that we weren’t completely exhausted for the tour.

Jaques came and woke us up around 9:00 so that we could head out onto the town. We literally just drove around and I started snapping pictures. House were rubble, buildings were still leaning, and debris still litters the streets. I didn’t see one truck or tractor working on any buildings so I just wonder what is being done here. The only thing I saw people doing was using sledge hammers to break up the fallen buildings. That job alone could take forever! We saw the Palace and I got Jaques to take us to the Port au Prince prison. I read an article back in February about how parts of the prison collapsed and prisoners escaped. The prisoners that were still locked up thought the building would crush them so they lit fires in the backs of their cells and forced the guards to release them. The prison is huge and maybe one day I will visit there as part of the prison ministry!

Throughout the time that we were driving around time we kept breaking down and could not figure out why or what the problem was. Just from how it was acting I was thinking we were out of gas, and then I thought that wouldn’t make sense bc thats too easy to fix. Well it turned out later that, yes, we were out of gas. Well once when we broke down we landed in front of a house that sold drinks. The ladies spoke some decent English and between that an my Creole we had a great time together. We probably stayed at their house for 30 minutes and she talked to us about the quake. All of their beds were outside and under tarps and they also had a tent. I asked them why they slept outside and they said because they were afraid to sleep inside. They said the ground still shakes from time to time and they don’t want the house to fall on them. The main lady I talked to said she was 7 months pregnant when the quake hit and I got to meet her very young baby boy! It was so awesome to talk to them and learn about the quake! I also got to talk to them about God and church and the mission and it was so exciting!

After we finished breaking down we headed to the Visa lodge to eat lunch and hang out by the pool for a few hours. It was a great resting finish to the day. I am currently sitting by the pool at the Coconut lodge across town. This is where we will be staying the night, we have an early start to the day tomorrow! Ill be in the US by 12:30 PM! I will post some pictures soon! I will probably blog only a few times in the states or maybe a lot I do not know!

Port Au Prince Bound!

April 30, 2010

Friday I will be going to Port au Prince all day to tour the city! This is both exciting and depressing for me. I am excited to go to Port au Prince because I haven’t been since the earthquake and also because I know I will be home soon with all my friends and family. It is depressing because I know just how bad that earthquake was, taking more than 200,000 lives. I know that the entire time I am taking in an area and capturing photos that I will just be praying for each and every person who’s live has been turned upside down since the quake. I ask that maybe you can do the same for them, as you read this just stop and pray for the people there that are recovering, and for the ones that never made it to recovery. We know that is all a part of God’s plan and I just hope to be able to shine his light while I am there.

Saturday morning I will be leaving for Miami! I will land around 12:20 PM and am very excited! I have a lot to do in the month of May and at the same time not much to do at all. I have a lot of catching up with both friends and family, and a lot of work to get ready to come back at the end of the month. I am very excited to be able to talk to people about everything that has gone on here and am sure that many people will ask many questions. Also I will be missing Haiti so much! As much as I want to go home, I also want to stay here! There is so much going on here and so much work I want to be a part of! While I am gone Brandon and Jessica and the mission will be working on fixing up the Port de Paix campus so that they can move there and open up their food kitchen from Outside The Bowl. I will be moving there with them when I come back in, helping with construction and totally renovating the campus to prepare for a bright future. These are all very exciting things and I am torn between two loves!

God is in my heart and He fills it with love and how awesome is that! I can rely on God and He will provide! His word is my strength! I am gr

The Stand

April 20, 2010

There are 10 days left of the first half of my internship and boy has it been an amazing, God-filled, experience. I know that even though this time last year I was here in Haiti, I have never felt so close to God. I thank him for fighting for me and pulling me through all the struggles I have had in my life! I also thank him for showing me that those struggles I “suffered” are NOTHING compared to the struggles the people here in Haiti experience every day. It is amazing to compare it like that but it is also so true! In America we’re stressed out because were having trouble paying for our $30,000 car and $100,000+ house, whereas these Haitian probably won’t have $30,000 in their lifetime. It baffles me whenever people don’t think Haiti is as bad as it is or that America is worse in its own way. I’m disgusted with the things that are awaiting my return in my room. I hate that I have that to “look forward to” when I get home. Yes I am grateful to have it there and thank God for it but I know that I do not want to take it for granted like I once used too.

When I was younger (like ten months ago) all I could think about was how I wanted lots of money to support my family one day, and by support I mean spoil. I wanted to own a Porsche and be classy! My outlook on life has changed drastically and I can’t believe it’s taken 5 trips and 4 months of an internship to show me! God doesn’t want me to have those things and He doesn’t want you to have them either! He wants us to love the world for what it is not what it has in it and to share with others all that He has to offer not a dollar here and ten dollars there. It’s sad that every time the Americans drive up the Haitian kids are so excited because they know that today could be the day they land a few bucks from an American that falls in love with them. When we come here we want to give, give, give and empty our pockets and pretend we did it all because God asked us too. The hardest thing is realizing “Yes. God wants you to give, but you can’t pull “it” out of your wallet or your pocket. He wants us to give our time, our hearts, and to spread the news about Eternal Life!”. What greater way for God to use our riches and selfishness than to put us into a place that doesn’t know such thing as that and break our hearts to love! Now I am not saying that God doesn’t want us to give those items and that money, but to do it right! Whether it is through the church here in Haiti or through your church or favorite ministry.

God has shaped me into a missionary and I am going to follow his word. I am learning more and more about the bible and reading a great book called Uncommon by Tony Dungy, and ready to learn all He has to offer. I know I am not the most spiritual, or most well rounded Christian in the world, but I know that God has a plan for me and my heart burns with Haiti’s blood.

I am excited to be able to come home in a few days and be with all my friends and family that I have missed so dearly! I want everyone to know that God loves each of you no matter what you do He forgives and one day when we cross over to Judgement we will sit on His lap and He will ask us “Remember when you did such and such?” and we’ll say, “Yes, God I was so Stu..” and God will cut us off and say “You made a mistake and I forgive you, three women were saved by the blood of MY son because of YOUR ‘Mistake’!” I feel like that’s what will happen because I know He is so righteous and so forgiving and that all our Fears and Failures will be used for good some where down the road in our lives! Don’t ever forget that God loves you, He loves Haiti, He loves Africa, and He loves EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS PLANET WITH ALL OF HIS HEART! There are no favorites in God’s eyes, and it is by His son’s grace that we are saved! AMEN!


Autumn Marshall Posted this video please check it out!

"He is Greater Than I"

I Have Been Blessed

April 14, 2010

It is almost time for me to go home for the first time since the first day of 2010! I am excited to go home and see everyone and know that for the short time I am home I will still miss Haiti. Haiti is as much my home as the United States and I love it here. Upon my return to the states I feel I have a lot to do! I will be working to find sponsors and raise support for the rest of my internship and potentially for the next several years of my life. I am going to find out soon whether or not the mission wants me to be on staff full time and I am very excited about that opportunity. I love working for this mission and the people here in this beautiful country!

This week has been a great week for me in support! I have raised money before but I was more nervous this time because I knew I had only 1 month on U.S. soil to try and it get it done. In the past week I have had four monthly commitments, including one church, and 3 large donations that I am very grateful for. The Bible says not to worry because God will provide and I continued to repeat that to myself as soon as I felt nervous about it. Im so glad to have awesome supporters in my life and am incredibly blessed!

I have just finished a revised copy of my support letter (thanks Molly) and am hoping to send it out to anyone remotely interested in sponsoring me both financially and prayerfully. Also if you want to make contributions of items or know someone that would do that the letter is good for that too. I will be sending the letter both via email and postal depending on how the requester wants it. Please email me if you would like a support letter. Even if you can’t support me the letter is good just to read over God’s plans for me. Thanks so much to each of you and continue to pray!

Super Busy Week!

April 9, 2010

I have been rail to rail this week with so much going on on campus. It has been a full week since I have done a post and figured I would share a few fun things and a few God things! This week started with Easter which was just such a blessing to a long week. To think about how God conquered the grave after taking the cross for our sins really prepared me for the week. On Wednesday morning I went to the Port de Paix airport to pick up Pierre Garcon and his crew which I was super excited about. After we met him there we took motorcycles back to the campus to get the last minute things ready for their arrival.

I had a good time with Pierre and his group here doing so many things. The coolest thing for me wasn’t just meeting and hanging out with him, but getting to be a chance to be the light of Christ to him and everyone that came with him. I helped the Showtime crew with an interview of his sister, Gina Garcon, and it was an awesome experience. I didn’t do much just kind of helped with the noise, but listening to how Gina shared her heart and show these people how much she loves God was exciting. After the interview I went up and hugged her and talked to her about how I felt she said exactly what needed to be said for everyone to hear. Gina probably became my best friend on the trip. We hung out a lot and just talked about Haiti and football and all kinds of stuff. It was cool getting to hear her stories and I am sure I will hear many more from her!

I finished off the week with what seemed to be a 3 mile snorkeling adventure that has left my body completely paralyzed with fatigue. So I will leave with that little bit and promise I will have more stories on Monday!